1. Shader graph: Rigid body animation using vertex animation textures – generator that can record animation, create a combined mesh, and generate vertex animation textures. Vertex animation textures are then used by special shader to play the recorded animation on a single mesh transforming all parts of the mesh on GPU.
  2. Shade graph: Force shield with hits – force shield effect that uses Custom function Node to display hits and support dissolving.
  3. Shader graph: Dissolve effect – effect of appearing/disappearing.
  4. Shader graph: Scan effect – effect that uses depth intersection to draw mesh parts only where mesh collides with the scene geometry.

Mesh manipulation

  1. Double-sided mesh generator – generator that can generate a double-sided mesh from any given mesh. Double-sided meshes can be useful for some effects like force shields


  1. Setup and double payoff – method of paying off the same setup twice with different implication to create a more meaningful story